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from the results of a VIRTUAL FACTORY system, SOSIT TECH produces components, semi-finished and finished products using raw materials such as brass, zamak, 316L stainless steel and thermoplastic materials in Italy and abroad.

SOSIT TECH offers a GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAIN NETWORK with a select group of consolidated suppliers in the primary areas of world production. A highly trained technical staff, present in the various production departments, engages in quality inspections and pushes production to maintain agreed delivery times. The network handles all international and national logistics ensuring goods are delivered safely and timely to the customer wherever in the world. It also offers in-house assembly, necessary testing with certified machinery, the customization and specified packaging at its headquarters establishments in Italy.

SOSIT TECH IS NOT A TRADING COMPANY but a modern, dynamic and international reality that positively knows the entrepreneurial culture of the countries in which it operates, offering a very valid alternative to production relocation.

SOSIT TECH is a division of SOSITALIA s.r.l. , a leading company in the supply of components and finished products since 1994 to distinguished global faucet producers in Australia, Brazil, China, Denmark, Germany, Japan, Italy, Slovenia, United States, South Africa, Sweden and Switzerland.

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