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With a consolidated network of suppliers in Italy, Europe and Asia, SOSIT TECH is able to provide its customers with productions located in numerous countries, pursuing the most appropriate quality requested by the customer, competitive pricing and delivery within the agreed time.

1) In the event of geopolitical tensions or health emergencies, the possibility of using several countries as a source of supply makes SOSIT TECH’s proposal crucial and completely in-line with current events.

2) In the ever-changing global outsourcing market, research and selection of supply sources are absolutely fundamental in order for companies to maintain a high-ranking position in their competitive market. SOSIT TECH has suppliers who are able to satisfy all the needs of its customers.


With the VIRTUAL FACTORY business model, SOSIT TECH identifies and selects the best sources of material supplies in various countries, verifies technical and qualitative parameters in accordance with the client which are then forwarded to the suppliers.

SOSIT TECH prepares the offer for the customer and finalizes the order. It then prepares a production specification where all the characteristics of the product are finely detailed to the supplier, as well as the production lead time for all individual production processes.

With the support of its technicians specialized in the various production sections (casting, hot/cold forging, mechanical processing, polishing and surface finish treatments), SOSIT TECH monitors the production progress within the factories, updating the Italian headquarters daily.


By adopting the KAIZEN philosophy, SOSIT TECH upholds this LEAN manufacturing model with its suppliers and customers in order to increase both productivity and quality by reducing waste that characterizes every production and organizational process.

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